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Work hard, dream harder.

It’s about time for that long-deserved holiday.

For some of us a relaxing vacation equals sailing across sandy white beaches. Others bravely dream of bigger adventures. Longing to climb mountains, ride dirt bikes and chase the sun exploring the seven seas. Adventure, please? Or would you give in for a jacuzzi under a starlit sky during a never-ending culinary trip? Your call!

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What does your perfect vacation look like? Whether you are a bon vivant, adrenaline junkie or weekend warrior. Time has come to turn your good intentions into great ones.


Private Sailing in the Caribbean

This trip offers all the soul-soothing beauty of the Caribbean’s azure waters and sandy beaches with the adventure and satisfaction of manning your family’s own private sailing boat.

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A Journey into Africa

This 15-day trip offers a tour of the African continent in the broadest sense. In these two weeks you’ll experience a wide range of delights both cultural and natural.

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Outdoor Adventure in Lapland

Ever imagined yourself chasing the northern lights while driving your own husky sled? During this adventurous trip it’s all about being one with nature in a magic winter wonderland.

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Azimuth Adventure Route in USA

This 21-day trip takes you on an unforgettable adventure across North America. Following our family’s many visits, we have a glut of exciting activities to share with you on this trip.

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Beyond Category

L'Afrique C'est chic

This 15-day trip is an exclusive invite to discover a fraction of Africa’s natural beauty in three extraordinary ways, with your family and your own private jet.

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Travel around the world in your own private jet

Imagine yourself and your loved ones, cruising through the most secret corners of the world.

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What clients say

In the spring of 2017 I wanted to arrange the perfect treat for my wife for our 25th anniversary: a trip to her beloved Italy. Based on our personal preferences, Socrates designed an unforgettable 5-day trip, including a topnotch romantic balloon flight above the beautiful villages and the vineyards of Sienna followed by a delicious breakfast. Unbelievable activities like this one kept on coming. My wife was dazzled and speechless.